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Growing up in Medina Ohio, I saw my uncle had a beautiful home and traveled frequently. My uncle owned his own plumbing company. At 16, I decided I wanted to travel and experience the “good” life just as my uncle had successfully been doing. Three years later, I opened my own plumbing business as a sole proprietor- Jay’s Plumbing. As I continued to build a client base, I decided it was best to incorporate and have a more professional business name. In 1998, I became All City Plumbing. I worked primarily for new home builders performing only new construction plumbing. In 2005, the bubble burst and it was my opportunity to flee the cold. The following year, I moved my family to Port St Lucie, FL and in 2007, I opened All City Plumbing Two, Inc. As my wife became more involved in the business, we decided to go with a logo that would reflect our partnership. We are a husband and wife team- I run the field, she runs the office. As a small family-owned business. we have a very competitive market for plumbing service; however without competition there would be nothing that sets us apart. We are very proud of the success we’ve had in establishing relationships and trust with our customers- after all, the best source of advertisement is referrals from our customers!

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