Add life And Top Performance To Your Water Heater with regular maintenance.

An Electric water heater should be flushed annually- this clears out sediment and other buildup inside the tank and will provide a clean and clear surface for heating water. Flushing your water heater can be done by in a few simple steps and in a short amount of time. Please refer to your water heaters Owner’s Manual for specific safety instructions and maintenance instructions before performing any service to your water heater or contact a qualified plumbing service technician to assist you.

Low Water Pressure at your faucet?

The cartridge likely needs to be replaced. This can be replaced using a cartridge puller and a new cartridge. Refer to your faucet manufacturer for the specific cartridge part number. Remember this important tip: If you have a bathroom that it not used frequently, in order to extend the life of the internal parts, it’s recommended that you use the faucets at least once a week to prevent the cartridge from becoming dried out.

Locate Your Main Water Shut-off Valve!

In the unfortunate event that you’ve sprung a pipe leak or other plumbing catastrophe in your home, it’s very important to know how to turn the water off to your entire home. Typically, the main water shut off valve is located on an outside wall of the house, turning the valve clockwise will turn off the water supply to the entire house. Gate Valves are reliable, but they become difficult to turn after not being turned for years. Ball Valves are the better valve and are typically used when replacing gate valves. “Test your main valve regularly to ensure proper functioning before it’s too late!

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